Katherine "Kay" Nehubian

Head Field Hockey, Girls Basketball and Softball Coach

Barnstable High School


Lifetime Win-Loss Record: 469-92-23

Cape Cod Champions, Girls Basketball:

Cape Cod or League Champions, Field Hockey:

Cape Cod or League/Conference Champions, Softball:

Inducted into the Barnstable High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Nov. 24, 2006

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For the better part of the 20th Century, Katherine “Kay” Nehubian was a household name in the Town of Barnstable as she served as head coach for all girls sports until girls’ athletics took off in the 1960s and began being looked at along parallel lines with boys’ athletics.
      For 42 season this founder of BHS girls basketball roamed in front of the bench on the BHS hardwood with such marked success, it may be said that Nehubian could very well be the most successful, if not greatest coach in the history of the school: female or male. With only 32 of her 42 seasons documented as head girls varsity basketball and field hockey coach, Nehubian amassed a 289-74-3 record in basketball with 14 league championships and a 112-18-19 record in field hockey. To date, BHS is still missing documentation of 10 of Nehubian's basketball seasons and 16 of her seasons in field hockey. There exists virtually no accounting of her tremendous tenure as the first-ever varsity girls softball coach with the sole exception being her final season, an 8-1, Capeway Conference Championship run. All totalled, the BHS Hall of Fame is still missing records of 46 of Nehubian's seasons in all three sports.
      In her 42 seasons as head coach of the BHS girls varsity basketball team, Nehubian captured no less than 25 Cape Cod Championship or league titles. She earned more than 500 documented victories and posted seven undefeated seasons. Sadly, records of girls’ athletics rarely made it into the local newspapers much throughout Nehubian’s tenure as the head girls coach, but enough of her successes were left behind to give us a firm portrait of just how successful this woman was.
      As the founder of BHS field hockey in 1935, Nehubian came on strong in an attempt to garner support and enthusiasm for the sport and until the advent of World War II, she succeeded. In the 1950s, girls athletics were not looked upon with the same enthusiasm and spirit of earlier decades, but Nehubian stayed the course and helped usher field hockey into the major varsity sport it has grown to become today. She served as head field hockey coach for 36 seasons, capturing her first Cape Cod Championship title in 1938. The 1938 season also marked the first-ever undefeated field hockey team at BHS (8-0).
      While it remains unclear precisely when varsity softball took a foothold in the BHS athletics landscape, one thing is clear: it all began with “Kay,” and she steered the girls softball program for no less than 20 seasons, giving her a combined total varsity head coaching tally of no less than 103 seasons, a mark that in all likelihood will never be broken.

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